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A New Anthology for the readers and an opportunity for the authors

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Greetings Authors and Listeners,
For those of you who don’t know us at Podioracket it is time you checked us out and for those of you who have taken advantage of the free marketing we offer authors as always thanks for thinking of us. We have some changes happening in season 5 you should all be aware of so please have a listen to the new episode.
We announced today in the new short show episode that Podioracket will be putting out a new anthology later this year. You can find the guidelines here next to the cover for Glimpses
The idea is to get you, the author, to submit a written short story in the world from your podiobooks novel. This can be a short before, after, or spin off from a loved or hated character as long as it is in the world you have created and already released. This time we are sticking with fantasy fiction which does include horror. We want this to be new content that your readers have not seen before.
Once your short is accepted you will be notified and you will have 2 months to do the audio. Glimpses will be released in audio on and in ebook form. The new episode of Podioracket Ep-41 gives you a verbal overview of the project and the guidelines are live on the submissions page.
Submissions deadline is April 4th.
Listeners and Readers you are going to get a chance to see if these authors are for you without committing yourself to a novel. Like their worls you can subscribe to the novel set in the worlds they have created.
Can’t wait to see what you all come up with.
Rhonda R Carpenter

Snag Some Cool Schwag

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

J.D. Sawyer is Turning the Tables on the Gals of

Heather Roulo and Rhonda Carpenter are going to let you snag some cool schwag!

J.D. Sawyer Author of Antithesis and Down From Ten will host a special Blog Talk Radio Extension where he leads the Interview, handles the questions and callers with guests Rhonda R. Carpenter and Heather E. Roulo. Have questions for the ladies about, BTR, WWW, or either of their books The Mark of a Druid and Fractured Horizon then be there LIVE at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern on Thursday, September 17th. Set a reminder! That is tomorrow!


How do you win?

Show up and enter the chat room or call 347-996-3319 and ask a question or comment to the authors and you could just Snag the Schwag. There will be more than three winners! Book excerpts and what ever else J.D. comes up with. Here is a hint to a secret schwag award, Ding Ding Ding, But you will have to come to the show to find out what that means! See you there Blog Talk Radio Podioracket 6:00 pm PST. Don’t be late!

60,000 Downloads for The Mark of a Druid!

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Hello Dear Readers!

This has been a astounding week of good news and I got tons accomplished. First off let me thank you all for your continued support of my writing and other projects. The Parsec Nomination Submission is complete. It made it to them on Monday. Here you go.

While Podioracket is on a short break we are still turning out blogs and having BTR-PR Interviews. July is totally booked and August is almost full! I can’t believe how successful this endeavor has become and in such a short period of time. We went live in mid March and at the end of June we are hearing nothing but praise from everyone who is listening to the show. Please feel free to take 2 minutes and leave a comment or review on the site or on Itunes. It will help us receive more notice and Heather Roulo and I completely appreciate it. Oh there is also a voice recorder on the site so please leave us a voice message.

Tomorrow on the BTR-PR Show I will be interviewing Jason M. Kays author of Virtual Vice at 2:30 pm PST. Here is a link so you can join us live on the show.

The call in Number is (347) 996-3319

During the interview I will be playing Jason’s kindly sent reading and his promo. We will talk about what inspired this story and how a lawyer turns novelist!

The Mark of a Druid is about to hit 60,000 downloads

When I first decided to release The Mark of a Druid as a free serialized podcast I had no idea what I was doing. But I grabbed the boot straps and called the many me’s together and jumped in with both feet. I have learned so much since starting the publishing and podcasting of this project. There have been highs and lows but over all I think I am not doing too bad. It hit Amazon officially in February as the podcast simotaniously completed. I never thought in a million years I would have 60,000 downloads.
So what does 60,000 downloads mean??? I asked myself the same thing. Lets look at it in simple mathematical terms. There are 34 Episodes in the book. 60,000 divided by 34 is 1764 listeners. But if you look at the more in depth numbers provided by the host for the version Episdoe 1 has been downloaded 3861 times. I see that as 3861 potential people who could like what I am doing, leave a comments, rate and review the book. But more importantly that is almost 4000 listeners who could tell their friends! Not bad for a first time novelist. Even if I do say so myself. And I owe that success to all you listeners spreading the word, buying books and downloading. I am not a rich person, but I do want to give back to the listeners and readers. The best way I can think of to do that at this point is to have contests and keep releasing more content as soon as available. If you haven’t Kidnapped the Trailer what are you waiting for. This is the biggest prize yet int he 2009 Contest series. Click here to find out how easy it is to play and win.

The Mark of a Druid is now also available on  I am so pleased that they got the audio upload function working on their site. It is a wonderful place for writers and artist to show off their work and make friends.

Last thing: I huge thank you to Cyrus A. Webb for the glowing 5 star amazon review on the book. It means the world to me. Cyrus is an advocate for literacy and the creator of the new Television show “The Write Stuff” Which begins airing June 27! He is also a long time radio host of Conversations Live and has asked to interview me about the book. This interview is Scheduled for 7-23-09 at 5:00pm Pst and will last 30 minutes. When it gets closer I will post it here. Find out the about the show at

Here is what he said:

5.0 out of 5 stars THE MARK OF A DRUID is the Best of Both Worlds for the Reader, June 27, 2009
By  C. A. Webb “Conversations Book Club” (Jackson, MS) – See all my reviews

Rhonda Carpenter gives hungry readers exactly what they expect from a tightly woven storyline: a book you can not only lose yourself in but find a part of yourself after you are finished. Why do we believe the way we do? Who truly influences the way we evaluate our lives and those of others past? Just because we can’t wrap our minds around something does that make it any less real?

These are all discussions that any book club or group of friends will have fun dissecting and debating as they maneuver from chapter to chapter.

Carpenter has truly left her “Mark” with this one, and the literary world is a better place because of it.

On to another busy week Stay tuned for more.

Keep Writing, I know I will,

Rhonda R Carpenter

So What is Shaking in Rhonda Ville?

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Welcome Readers,

This was one of the most exciting weeks! I started the week off with an interview on Author Autobahn on Blog talk. The interview with Kelly was great and I can’t wait to interview them about their new services for promoting authors on July 13. Podioracket declaring it J.C. Hutchins week and I have to say this guy is an unstoppable marketer. Just in case you didn’t hear all the hoopla, Dark Art Personal Effects hit the bookstores and Amazon and other on-line booksellers with resounding success. I personally can’t wait to receive my copy. There were two killer interviews with J.C. and he is so gracious!

Podioracket, that is Heather Roulo author of Fractured Horizon and I have added a Blog Talk Radio Show to our endeavor. I am still experimenting with the show times while not over doing it so that I can continue to write. Right now the calendar is booked out July 13th. I invite you to come and join us in chat and on the phone lines with all of our special guests. Last weeks show with J.C. Hutchins live we gave away two autographed copies of his book and there were 100 live listeners 56 in chat and 19 callers with 23 eligible questions and 16 people emailed for a prize. SnowMedic and Cobalt both won and I want to congratulate them. There have already been over 2000 archive listeners to the show! I am ecstatic! Now that is building a buzz.

I also release a video for and it is available at YouTube on their stream. A vlog went out on the Mark of a Druid Feed for the new contest and we released our first video trailer for the book. That makes contest #9! Can you kidnap the trailer? I hope so. As most of you know I am not a rich person so free advertising for my book has to be creative. If there is one thing I am it is enthusiastic about my fans. So I truly want to give back. This contest will have 3 winners each receiving a singed copy of the paperback, in a canvas promo bag full of The Mark of a Druid Promo items. So what are you waiting for go kidnap the promo and enter the contest! Details available here. At over 56,000 downloads and climbing every day I am thrilled with the success of The Mark of a Druid. I couldn’t do it without the Readers! This is completely your success as well as mine. I am humbled by all of the positive comments, ratings and reviews. Keep them coming! The more people who spread the word the more notice this novel will get and that is what I want. I want to spread the word far and wide.

I know allot of you have been emailing about the next book, When Ethers Descend, so here is an update: I have canned another chapter that makes 8 and am consistently moving forward. I believe I am on target for a winter podcast schedule but we will see how it goes.

This is another jam packed week coming up Monday at 2:30 pm PST I will be interviewing J.D. Sawyer Live on BTR-PR, ( Dan is the author of Predestination and other games of chance as well as being known as a hell of a guy in the pod-o-sphere. He has graciously agreed to do a live reading. You won’t want to miss this. Oh heck, I don’t want to miss it. His cover and links are over on the right side, it is the one with hot chick on the purple sheet. Smoken’ cover! There will be a new Podioracket episode released this week. Stacey Cochran and J.P. Moore with contests and news, new releases and completed works on I can’t talk this site up enough! I think it is brilliant and I am so looking forward to 2.0 to be rolled out.

Huge thank you to all the new subscribers to the new book site. If you haven’t subscribed it is really easy and quick. I hope you will join now. Until next time, take care.

Keep Writing, I Know I Will!

Rhonda R. Carpenter

Interviews & Announcements Abound! You heard it here first.

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Welcome Readers!

This is a revealing week for Podioracket, J.C. Hutchins, Cyrus A Webb, Stacey Cochran and for myself.

Monday we at kick off “Support J.C. Hutchins Week.”  Swing by Podioracket and join us in the fun and make some noise about the print release of Dark Art Personal Effects on June 9th, commit yourself to the Brink, subscribe to Personal Effects Sword of Blood and leave a message on the new voice recorder on the front page of the site and tell us how you supported J.C. Hutchins.

Tuesday 10:00 Am PST I’ll be interviewed on BRT-Author Autobahn and during this interview I’ll be announcing the new contest for The Mark of a Druid.  If you miss the interview check out the contest section of on Tuesday after noon. This one is going to be fun!

It is Dark Art Personal Effects release day. If you don’t want to wait go pre-order your copy now! 

Wednesday drops a new episode featuring J.C. Hutchins. This is a great interview. He is a totaly blast to talk to and makes me look like I never push my work. Fanny shaking lessons taken to heart J.C. Can you feel the earth moving?

Thursday is a double header for BTR-PR. We have two killer live interviews. First I will be interviewing Cyrus A Webb 2:30 pm PST. Find out all about his good works with literacy and his new creation The Write Stuff Reality TV Show that starts airing this month across the country.

Then at 6:00 PM PST J.C. Hutchins joins BRT Podioracket where we will be awarding two callers autographed copies of  Dark Art Personal Effects. The Call in number is  (347) 996-3319 ! Call in during the show and asked J.C.  a question and you could win his book.

Friday Podioracket has a guest blogger! Stacey Cochran the author of Claws will be talking marketing for his new print release. We are proud to bring a Claws sighting to Podioracket.

The Mark of a Druid has been nominated for a parsec award. I don’t expect to win one but it is so cool that people nominated the audio. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has rated, reviewed and commented on the first book in this series. I wish I could see the reviews in other countries on amazon and Itunes. If anyone has a fix for this I would love to hear it.

The next book is coming along not as quickly as I would like but I am working on When Eithers Descend steadily. There will soon be a horror short coming out on in the Wicked Woman Writers Contest when it hits I will let you all know so you can go vote. I am so excited for the new season of HA that I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Another one of my favorite podcasts had its first contest announcement. Have you ever wanted to learn another language? I have always wanted to speak Gaelic. So you can bet I enter the contest already. Get the details in the Celtic Myth Podshows Episode 27.

Well if this isn’t enough news tell me what else you would like to hear about.

Keep writing! I know I will!

Rhonda R Carpenter

The Mark of a Druid Hits 50,000 Downloads!

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Welcome Readers,

I was shocked when I looked at the stats this week. Pleasantly shocked! Overall downloads had hit 50,000. I never thought when I put the book out in this manner that I would ever have so many downloads. Thank You, to all the Readers for downloading, commenting and Rating and Reviewing. Please keep telling your friends and spreading the word.

This has been a super busy week with Have you heard that one of the characters from my book was nominated for the position of Champion for Podioracket against the Nina Kimberley and her barbarian horde?

What is this all about?

Christiana Ellis the Author of Nina Kimberley the Merciless  is about to go to print with Dragon Moon Press and her character, Nina Kimberly the Merciless has decided that all in the pod-o-sphere shall surrender to her. Podioracket among others are now in the resistance and is seeking a champion. Vote for King Brian Boru! Take the survey and declare your loyalty!

Website update! The new site is growing like crazy. Thank you to all the new members and I will be announcing the winners of the sing up contest # 7 very soon.

When Ethers Descend: the second book of The Mark of a Druid series is coming along.

Got Insight Blog over at Will be posting a new free session. It is It is completely free for download. Gain Self Esteem, Increase Focus and receive the gift of answers from your infinite wisdom!

Until next time, take care!

Keep Writing, I Know I Will!

Rhonda R. Carpenter

What is New with Rhonda Carpenter

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

What is New with Rhonda Carpenter


Update on what has been happing in the world of Rhonda Carpenter the writer. Things have been rolling along at a very fast clip. The new site for The Mark of a Druid is live and while it is not complete I thought it was better to take it live now then make everyone wait. So you will all get to see it grow as I get to filling in all the blanks and building the pages. Register now so you can play in the contests and talk to the characters as it all goes live.


This will be a slow process with all of the things I am involved in, but stick with me this proves to be a fun. The site will be growing every week from here on out and as the next book is completed it too will be housed here as a podcast and in other formats.


Summer 2009 I am dedicated to getting The Mark of a Druid available in other media formats such as PDF, E-book (on this site), I-Touch. I will be making announcements as these formats become available.   

I am also dedicated to writing the next book, When Ethers Descend, and begin Podcasting the book this winter.


My new project I have joined forces with Heather Roulo the author of, Fractured Horizon, available on Podioracket is an informational podcast for We are giving upcoming, new and present authors a quick hitting format to find out what it is coming out, completing, works. We are also covering the contests and news about those authors. We invite you to enjoy the 2 episodes that are currently available.


While doing this project I am getting to have wonderful and informative interviews with authors who are on While PodioRacket is a fast hitting show some of these interviews run longer than we can use in the podcast. These are fascinating discussions with Authors. Here is one of the longer full interviews I had with author of, The Fox, Arlene Radasky. A portion of this interview will also be in an upcoming show on podioracket.


Have a great week everyone!

Rhonda R Carpenter Episode 01 is Available!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Its out!

The first episode of is now available.  Listen to it online. It is just over 17 minutes long:

or download it: Episode 1.

See the Show Notes for additional information mentioned in the show as well as links, videos, and credits.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now is LIVE! What are you sticking in your ears?

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Dear authors, upcoming authors and their devoted fans,

We’re announcing, a podcast dedicated to authors and their releases.  We want to be the natural place people go for your announcements, promotional events, tips, and to hear the first interviews as novels debut on

We have a rough cut of our first episode, but there’s still time to add a few timely announcements.  We’ll also accept your input for future episodes (releasing roughly every two weeks but it will depend on the number of interviews and releases on the calendar.)

Help us raise a racket about you and  Here’s what we’re looking for:

1)      Interviews with new authors:  This is the core of the show- speak to listeners and get them to give your book a try as it comes out.  See our site for submission guidelines. We’ll time your interviews close to your release date so you build a buzz.

2)      Announcements: News on awards, contests, timely promotions, and publishing announcements from all authors.  Let us know what’s happening with you!  We’ll stockpile these.

3)      Tips: We’d love to have the voices of experienced authors as part of the show.  Send us an audio clip with your advice to future writers and podcasters and we’ll play it.  Keep the tip less than 2 minutes. Send us an email with your tip idea first so that we don’t get duplicates:

4)      Completed authors: We want to hear from you when you start, but we also want to acknowledge the completion of a book.  Stay in touch, let us know when your book completes and join in the racket!

We hope you love this idea as much as we do.  Check us out, ask us questions, follow us on twitter @podioracket, and let’s all work together to let listeners know more about the people making happen.


Heather Roulo

Rhonda R. Carpenter