www.PodioRacket.com is LIVE! What are you sticking in your ears?

Dear Podiobooks.com authors, upcoming authors and their devoted fans,

We’re announcing Podioracket.com, a podcast dedicated to Podiobooks.com authors and their releases.  We want to be the natural place people go for your announcements, promotional events, tips, and to hear the first interviews as novels debut on Podiobooks.com.

We have a rough cut of our first episode, but there’s still time to add a few timely announcements.  We’ll also accept your input for future episodes (releasing roughly every two weeks but it will depend on the number of interviews and releases on the Podiobooks.com calendar.)

Help us raise a racket about you and Podiobooks.com.  Here’s what we’re looking for:

1)      Interviews with new authors:  This is the core of the show- speak to Podiobooks.com listeners and get them to give your book a try as it comes out.  See our site for submission guidelines. We’ll time your interviews close to your release date so you build a buzz.

2)      Announcements: News on awards, contests, timely promotions, and publishing announcements from all Podiobooks.com authors.  Let us know what’s happening with you!  We’ll stockpile these.

3)      Tips: We’d love to have the voices of experienced Podiobooks.com authors as part of the show.  Send us an audio clip with your advice to future writers and podcasters and we’ll play it.  Keep the tip less than 2 minutes. Send us an email with your tip idea first so that we don’t get duplicates: contact@podioracket.com.

4)      Completed authors: We want to hear from you when you start, but we also want to acknowledge the completion of a book.  Stay in touch, let us know when your book completes and join in the racket!

We hope you love this idea as much as we do.  Check us out, ask us questions, follow us on twitter @podioracket, and let’s all work together to let listeners know more about the people making Podiobooks.com happen.


Heather Roulo

Rhonda R. Carpenter

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