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It’s that time of year again Vote for the most wicked

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

The Wicked Women Writers are at it again! You have until Nov 16th to vote for the most wicked woman write who will carry the title Most wicked for 2010!

This year there are more contestants and more stories. The rules were this the theme was the 7 deadly sins. Each of us was given a sin and 30 days to write record edit and produce a audio version of the sin we were assigned. I got LUST! Imagine that! As you can guess this is not a story for the little ones and it is not work safe, you have been warned!

I had a good time with this story and now that I have listened to all 6 of the entries I must say you will have a hard time picking!

Once you have heard them all email with your vote. In the subject line put WWW and your vote goes in the body. One of the voters will win schwag from all of the women!  You can only vote once. The winner will be drawn at random and each writer will send you something.

So pop over to and listen to them all!

Wicked Women Writers Competition

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

When a group of powerful women get together this is nothing they can’t do. And this is a Powerful group of Dark Goddesses!

Arlene Radasky, H.E. Roulo, Rhonda R Carpenter and Michele Roger have all done away with husbands for your entertainment. On October 7th at 7:30 pm pst we will be gathered in Second Life on Book Island in the Horror Addicts Shop, Quills at 22 Gutenberg Avenue. The episode airs on Horroraddicts the 11th.

Now I am not a huge Second Life fan but for this interview I have been playing in SL. I have learned to walk, talk and even got myself dressed and my hair stays on. I am inviting you to try something new. Come to SL and hang out with us. Hear our stories and vote for you favorite. You could win a huge box of cool stuff and show your favorite author that she has you support.

While I do hope that author will be me, but I will be happy for whoever gets the most votes. So, what do I look like in SL? Hot isn’t she! Her name is Insight Zadark. 

What will you look like in your second life? My husband is a black wolf who walks next to me. He also growls at people if they get to close. It is a total riot. He even does tricks.

I hope you will all take a chance and join us for the interview and vote for your favorite author. My story is titled Sometimes Enough is Enough and I owe a big thank you to Jack Hosley of for his portrayal of the male character in this psychological horror piece of flash fiction. He did an awesome job and said the story freaked him out for days after.

This is a graphic piece of fiction and not for children or work. I will share it on my feed after it airs on Horror Addicts.

Snag Some Cool Schwag

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

J.D. Sawyer is Turning the Tables on the Gals of

Heather Roulo and Rhonda Carpenter are going to let you snag some cool schwag!

J.D. Sawyer Author of Antithesis and Down From Ten will host a special Blog Talk Radio Extension where he leads the Interview, handles the questions and callers with guests Rhonda R. Carpenter and Heather E. Roulo. Have questions for the ladies about, BTR, WWW, or either of their books The Mark of a Druid and Fractured Horizon then be there LIVE at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern on Thursday, September 17th. Set a reminder! That is tomorrow!


How do you win?

Show up and enter the chat room or call 347-996-3319 and ask a question or comment to the authors and you could just Snag the Schwag. There will be more than three winners! Book excerpts and what ever else J.D. comes up with. Here is a hint to a secret schwag award, Ding Ding Ding, But you will have to come to the show to find out what that means! See you there Blog Talk Radio Podioracket 6:00 pm PST. Don’t be late!