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The Fox

By Arlene Radasky

The Fox~ This listener says holly cat fish I need more Kleenex. What a wonderfully moving story about love and sacrifice. Thank you Arlene Radasky for sharing your novel. You can listen to The Fox on,, or

By Arleen Radasy
By Arleen Radasy

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Mathew Wayne Sleznick

Mathew Wayne Selznick

There are plenty of different formats of this book out there this cover is for the Kendle addition.  Click here to hear the promo and go listen on podiobooks, buy it from amazon or get it for your iphone. You wont be disappointed.

Nathan Lowell 


Amazingly fun read!

Amazingly fun read!

Half Share has no promo available but don’t let that stop you! Loved it!
By Nathan Lowell

By Nathan Lowell

Full Share also did not have a promo but I still enjoyed it and Nathan’s boy toy is in my mind to stay!
Full Share by Nathan Lowell

Full Share by Nathan Lowell

Double Share By Nathan Lowell

Double Share By Nathan Lowell

I can have listened to all of these Science Fiction novels and I have to tell you I enjoyed them all. Ish is a great character and his adventures and misadventures held me spell bound for hours! You can learn more about Nathan Lowell and his stories at Thank you Nathan! Available at and



Emerian Rich


 By Emerian Rich  
Do you like vampires? Do they like you? You should check out Emerian Rich’s a Night’s Knight
This gal has it going on. What fun what horror and what sex! Right on! The Night’s Knight is now complete Learn more about Emerian Rich at


Edward G. Talbot


Edward G Talbot

Edward G Talbot

Listen to the Promo here and subscribe at or You won’t be disappointed. Have you received your New World Orders?



Omega: Earth’s Hero


By Keith Latch

 Omega: Earth's Hero By Keith Latch


Thank you Keith for sharing you ongoing work with the world.

So far this sotry has gripped at my heart and I find myself saying

Jeez this is taking the Roswell remnants to a whole new level. Keep up the good work.

If you would like to hear the promo here is the link.  Omega:Earth’s Hero


J.D. Sawyer’s Antithisis Book 1

click here to hear the promo!

Talk about hot! But as yet there is no cover art. Don’t let that stop you from listening and catch me doing the story so far for the September 18th 2008. Until then I strongly suggest this story and you can find it at







By Donald O’Donovan


Donald’s Sugar House has just been release on Listen to the promo above. Then go subscribe to this free coming of age story centered around a sweet smelling whore house. Can’t wait to see where this goes.