The Mark of a Druid

The Mark of the Druid is now available in many places on the web as a free audio serialized podcast. You can get the audio novel at The membership is free and so is the book. If you like what you read you can donate. You can go to and if you click on the podcast link you will be able to download or listen right there on the site. It does take a second to load the page and we are working on making that faster. The book is also available at, Mobicast, and soon itunes. 

If you are listening please leave a comment. 

As soon as the print release is given a date, soon I hope. I will be announcing a contest centered around the artwork. You may want to take a closer look! Listen to the book so you know what and who to look for.


The Art For the Front and the Back

The Art For the Front and the BackArtwork by Amie Perry and titled, Through The Void, She does increadble work and you can find more of her work at Her Fairy Greeting cards are avalable in the store at The front and the back with text.







Everything about The Mark of a druid at All episodes will be posted there and relased on on September 29, 2008. We have been in the top ten for over a week. take a sec and lisent in.