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A New Anthology for the readers and an opportunity for the authors

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Greetings Authors and Listeners,
For those of you who don’t know us at Podioracket it is time you checked us out and for those of you who have taken advantage of the free marketing we offer authors as always thanks for thinking of us. We have some changes happening in season 5 you should all be aware of so please have a listen to the new episode.
We announced today in the new short show episode that Podioracket will be putting out a new anthology later this year. You can find the guidelines here next to the cover for Glimpses
The idea is to get you, the author, to submit a written short story in the world from your podiobooks novel. This can be a short before, after, or spin off from a loved or hated character as long as it is in the world you have created and already released. This time we are sticking with fantasy fiction which does include horror. We want this to be new content that your readers have not seen before.
Once your short is accepted you will be notified and you will have 2 months to do the audio. Glimpses will be released in audio on and in ebook form. The new episode of Podioracket Ep-41 gives you a verbal overview of the project and the guidelines are live on the submissions page.
Submissions deadline is April 4th.
Listeners and Readers you are going to get a chance to see if these authors are for you without committing yourself to a novel. Like their worls you can subscribe to the novel set in the worlds they have created.
Can’t wait to see what you all come up with.
Rhonda R Carpenter

BlogTalkRadio~Podioracket~Horroraddicts~a new short!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Oh it is me!

Oh it is me!


Blog Talk Radio~Podioracket~Horroraddicts~a new short~and more! OMG!


There is so much happening with me that it is hard to get it all in. The new book, When Ethers Descend, is coming along. You can subscribe here listen and comment. The first is Michele Rogers interview on Dark Matters and then there is an extra 10 minutes of why we went blog talk too. A Big Thank You to Dr. Sally Witt for helped me get it all going. I really believe and I think Heather agrees that this is a mostly untapped audience for We are very excited! You can find out more on April 20, 2009 when Heather and I will be on blogtalkradio, Monday noon Pacific three Eastern time, talking about Podioracket. We would love to have some callers from Podiobooks. It is a good way to spread the word about your book on the air with a proven audience. Come and call into the show and talk to us!


After the show with Sally, Podioracket will be releasing the second episode for BlogTalkRadio at 8:30 pm PST. In this episode we interview authors Philippa Ballantine and Patrick McLean. We have new contest announcements, a tip from Emerian Rich, and the news.


At this week I am uploading the completed version of Sometimes Enough is Enough, a scary, but realistic short that was done for the coming season 3 of Look for the audio to be featured at the end of season 3 and there is a contest associated with it and it will be posted here when the contest kickes off. The Wicked Women Writes strike again.


The Mark of a Druid hit 50,000 downloads this week on Itunes! Wooowhoooo! And I want to say a big thank you to all of the people who have left such nice and helpful comments there and at or blogged about the book. You are the people that make it all the hard work worth it. Thank you!


The new site for the book is coming along. Go sing up and enter the contest, leave a question or comment for a character. More characters are coming this week.



Heather and I are so pleased that we have been invited to be one of the voices for We will be starting a feed there by invitation of Evo Terra. No tips in these it is just for the listener! But you can always get the tips on the regular feed at and soon on the Tips page. We are currently looking for a player so we can give the tips alone to the and other authors out there. So in the next few weeks we will make this happen!


Now off to write the Got Insight Blog for this week will be about reaching out to others.


Keep writing I know I will!

Rhonda R Carpenter Episode 01 is Available!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Its out!

The first episode of is now available.  Listen to it online. It is just over 17 minutes long:

or download it: Episode 1.

See the Show Notes for additional information mentioned in the show as well as links, videos, and credits.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now