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Welcome Readers!

What a week! Lots going on of course… I spent my time marketing online and seeing clients, researching press rooms and did my first video webcam interview for the book and my websites.

I worked on writing chapter 3 of “Truth Slithers” and had a wonderful conversation with a publisher who is interested in shopping “The Mark of a Druid” with some foreign movie investors. Now, I know what that means… nothing at this point, but it is nice to think what that could mean if they like the story and think it could make a good film. All things of this nature take even longer than print publishing. So, I have zero expectations about where these talks will go.

On the other hand, I did manage to land a back cover review for the print copy of “The Mark of a Druid” So that is awesome news one down hopefully two to go by the release date. Wish me luck.

You know how it is as a parent you think for the glimmer of a instant that you have carved out a space for yourself and then things change. When we moved into this house, I was thrilled that I would have a private office that had a separate entrance. And a view of trees. Our middle son has been out of the house for several years now. He did two tours in Iraq with the Marine Corps and has been in school in Northern California for over a year. This week he called to see if he could come home for a bit and we of course said, “yes.” So we spent the weekend moving my office from the bottom floor to what we like to call middle earth. It was a big job. Now I’m set up in the what was the unused Dinning room and I am so much closer to the coffee pot! One thing that did not suffer was my view! Actually, it got a lot better I can’t even see a neighbors house nothing but trees and blue sky and I am so grateful that we still own this huge house. But I am unsure as to how this will change the pod casting, aspect that I had just gotten worked out, I need to do for the audio book. This week will be a big test week for pod casting in this space. If need be I will empty a closet and make this happen, but it would be great if everything I have to do would be here in one room.

Another busy week of waiting scheduled.

Keep Writing I Know I Will!

Rhonda R. Carpenter

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