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Welcome Readers,

Well, as weeks go this was a slow one. Not to say that I wasn’t busy. I worked everyday, but the anticipation is building for the next step of the publishing process to begin. It is like that Carly Simon song, Anticipation, is making you wait. Keeping you waiting.

It never fails to feel like hurry up and get the formatting correctly done, get this work submitted, or quarried which ever the case maybe and then it is all about waiting… “The Mark of a Druid” is currently in Editorial Evaluation at Iuniverse. So far the process has been pretty smooth. The first step for this company is internal review. Which equates to does your manuscript meet the formatting requirements for publication. I heard on the 13th that my book clear step one. YEA!!! I expect to hear about the Editorial Evaluation the end of this month to the beginning of July. It takes any where from 2 to 4 weeks.

I find my thoughts drifting to the Editorial Evaluation. There is likely nothing more frustrating than waiting for someone to tell you how you can make your joy better. It is the nature of the beast to fret over what the editor will say. A book is something you worked hard on, give a lot of thought to, and labored over for long periods of time. Let’s face it, many people say they want to write a book and never do. Others write all the time and never consider publication. Then there are those who just want to have others enjoy their work. I would write weather I was publishing or not. That being said, I am so excited about publishing this book. I want it to be the best book it can be. So I am look forward to what the editor will say and it is hard not to think about that all the time. If you let it, it could drive you crazy! I know for sure that whatever the report suggests I will listen and think hard on my changes and improvements that will come from it. The years with my forum have taught me how to take a critique so I am sure that whatever is in the evaluation will be helpful.

This week I made it a point to work on the upcoming things that had nothing to do with the editorial process but would be forward steps in my process to market and sell the book, when it is released this fall. I chose the music for the serialized pod casts of the book that will be available this fall into the winter (not sure yet) although, I would like the releases of the paperback and audio to happen at once. I also chose the sound effects I will be using. Talk about fun. If you are a book listener then you know that music with the reading of a book can create greater tension and suspense as well as emotional response. So with all of that in mind I spent hours looking for Royalty free music that would fit with my story. Once that was completed, I cut and ran a new promo by the mentoring section at Podiobooks.com. Really helpful and informative folks hang out there. I uploaded the new run in the promo section here on my site. Of course this all comes with clients and family and pets and groceries and lifefirst and all the other things I do. I know it sounds busy and it is, but it is all about making this dream happen. So it’s great and I’m enjoying the road I have chosen.

Oh and if you have not see yet I have added two colleague’s promos to the colleague’s tab above. The first is “The Fox” by Arlene Radasky and the second is Neil Dixon’s “Persistent Spirit” of the Table Rappers series. Click on over and check out their promos and subscribe to their free pod books. You won’t be disappointed. I promise!

The webcam came this week and I spent a good deal of my time learning how to shoot with it and setting the stage for what is to come on this website. Yes, that’s right we will be having Vloged book reviews and interviews with authors in the near future. Sounds like a blast. I am always up for learning something new. So wish me luck. I will let you know when they are starting to be posted for viewing.

You may ask, when does she write? Late at night! LOL When everyone is asleep and the house is quiet. Usually between 10 and 2 am. I did write this week almost every night. I am working on Truth Slithers a story of Murder and unrequited love, loosely based on a true family story. I won’t say more than that at this moment, but it is going well. And I am hopeful that it will be complete and ready for first draft editing by November.

Another busy week ahead. I hope you are inspired to…

Keep Writing, I Know I Will!

Rhonda R. Carpenter

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