Sharing an Interview Alex White and J.C. Hutchins

I am so pleased to share this insightful interview with you all. If you haven’t heard this have a listen truly a good discussion with J.C. Hutchins the Author of 7th Son now available from St Martins Press, Griffin and Personal Effects: Dark Arts one of the most spine chilling horror I have read. Consider this a recommendation for both of these books.

Alex White the author of The Gear Heart has started releasing some very powerful interviews and tips for podcasting and writing that I thought I would share with you all. Take some time andgo through his site and check out his book.

“It was my honor and privilege to step into the studio with the incomparable J.C. Hutchins    , author of the 7th Son trilogy and Personal Effects: Dark Arts. As a thriller novelist, Hutchins understands conflict better than most, and he is eager to share his knowledge. So sit down, pour a cup of tea and enjoy, as we bring you the secrets behind conflict?”

Thanks for sharing Alex and J.C.

The Greabox Episode 1


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