What’s on My Desk?

1. My book The Mark of a Druid in paperback. Yes, it is usually somewhere on the desk in one or more places. It reminds me that I can do it.

2. This is a candle tray full of spooky things from Emzbox and HorrorAddicts.net They remind me to be scary! Boo!

3. This is one 3 oil candles that sit on my desk all the time. I use them all the time.

4. Pencils, pens, and highlighters. Can’t have to many. I hate being without a writing utensil.

5. The Phone. My first link to the world. Don’t know if you can see it, but there is a headset. When it is not on the desk it is on me. I don’t leave the desk without the phone. Crazy I know.

6. Podioracket Coffee Cup and yes there is coffee in it.

7. Podioracket Mouse pad.

8. Couldn’t function without it. My PDA holds my numbers, calendar and vital information. If it is not in the PDA it does’t happen in my world. It is the only way I stay organized and that includes an alarm for the trash to go to the street.

9. Ah the intercom. You see I live in a huge house and the intercom saves the screaming across the house for well… anything from dinner is ready, to I am off the air, to you have a phone call.

10. This is the real life character from one of my upcoming books titled Truth Slithers.

11. My view. I live in a national forest and I could not write without the trees. The whole wall behind my desk is floor to ceiling windows in a bow shape. Yes, I have the money shot!

12. The speaker control for the system. I love this speaker system. It puts the controls at my finger tips and it is where my headphones plug in.

13. The O’Brien families crest. I used the symbols from his crest in The Mark of a Druid in the descriptions of Brian Boru. The things I didn’t number: paperclip holder, sticky notes, chap stick and my glasses. All three are things I use daily.

On the right of my main work area these things are in use everyday too. What you don’t see is the electric stapler.

14. Lazar printer

15. Digital camera station.

16. Headphones hanging on the swing arm lamp.

17. This series of books are as follows: Dark blue binder is operations info for the office and posting on all the different blogs and SMN I belong to, The Synonym Finder, Atlas of the Celtic World, Next to that a print out of Celtic Gods and Goddesses, The light blue binder is The Mark of a Druid, a clipboard with blank pages on it; I use it for interviews. I jot down questions and info I want to cover or lists of sites that need to be posted to for special events, Dictionary Flip (I so love this book), Then a folder of web work that is in progress.

18. My purse which is always on my desk and yes I only carry red purses. Don’t ask why I just like them.

19. My recording mic on its stand and the pop filter is really what you are seeing.

20. My multi purpose printer/fax/copier/color printer.

Behind this section of the desk you can see that the view continues. I have more than enough nick-knacks and pictures to keep my eyes busy and I tend to surround myself with things that make me happy and invoke a memory. You will also notice lots of crystals and rocks of all sorts in the window ledges. And you never know when there will be one of 5 cats on this desk.

Yes my desk is always this clean. The worst time if day for clutter is midday but I don’t go to bed without clearing the desk. It makes me feel accomplished. When I am ready to go to press with the next book, When Ethers Descend, there will be a cover mock up on the window above the desk.

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