The Keynote or Elevator Pitch

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The Elevator Pitch or Keynote. In the world of Iuniverse is a one or two sentence (25 word count max) where you succinctly tell readers what the book is about and why they should buy it.

I have taken the last few days and really thought about this. I have narrowed the field to 3 choices. The idea of summing up this book or any other book in 25 words is terrifying. There is so much that goes into writing a book and with The Mark of a Druid there are 5 plot lines, so… getting all that in was a real struggle for me.

Here they are. You tell me what would make you want to buy this book?

1. While a hypnotherapist researches reincarnation she finds out more than she expected. Ancient revenge seekers, druidic prophecy and a mysterious man vie to consume her.

2. Reincarnation, druidic prophecy, shape-shifting, ethereal visions, love and lies, create a dangerous struggle against ancient revenge-seekers bent on destroying Eve and her soul mate, Ryerson.

3. Revenge is exacted, love rekindled and an ancient prophecy undertaken while Eve searches for the truth to an age-old-question—Is reincarnation verifiable?

Now on two the keyword search criteria. I am enjoying how I have a checklist of things to do.

Keep Writing!

Rhonda R. Carpenter

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