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Welcome Readers!

I am so excited that I have reached this level of production with the book. Tomorrow…

Monday… September 29, 2008

You can get The Mark of a Druid, serialized podcast of the novel. Where you ask? It is going live on Please notice this page is not live until the day of release. Sign up for an account there is no cost involved. At that time you will be able to add My book to your subscriber’s list or any of the others. It is free! And you can snag the promo here! post it to your website send it to your email, chat buddies, put it up on your myspace, facebook and talk about it on twitter and please tell a friend! And let me know if you have a podcast you would like me to promo in reciprocation.

All of the episodes that are available on and soon Itunes and other places are available one week before at under the podcast section where you can listen to them on the site with no download or download them.

Sunday is upload day as well as Blog night. So keep up with what is going on and get your weekly fix of The Mark of a Druid.

So Why Free?

This is completely a personal decision. I know that in my home my husband is more the listener and I am the hold the book in my hands gal, although, I do listen too. As a new author people don’t know about me and this is one of many ways I am getting my name and the story out there. As I move forward with the publication process for the print books I am confident that the free release of the podcast version will build some chatter and help with letting those know that the book is about to be out there in print. The pod casting has been totally fun and educational and I can’t imagine release any book with out using this kind of medium. Like any author, I want people to read or listen and cash dollars while important and graciously accepted for all the long hours of work I simply want to write and be read. So there you have it: 1. It is a marketing tool and 2. It is fun! 3. It has worked for the big boys.

Speaking of Marketing the book and fun! We will be announcing a contest as soon as we have a release date for the print version is given to me so stay tuned for that and the new website for the book going live around the same time there will be so many things to talk about as that gets closer.

Talking about the print versions and E-book versions… This week the cover proofs came in. At the end of the process, I will give a review of the iuniverse’s way of doing business and how my experience went with this self publishing company. All of you authors out there will want to read that when it comes out it promises to be very eye opening and will help you in making the decision as to what company to go with. I am also hoping I can talk Arlene Radasky into reviewing her company as she has made the first steps toward publishing The Fox. Congrats Arlene! The way it is looking it may be about the same time frame. That should perk your ears as she just started. Hmmmm.

The cover proof sheet was retuned to my PSA today and when he arrives tomorrow I should get confirmation that it is received. So another deadline beat by days and the next step after the answering of a couple of questions will be print set up and author proof after that, it is 1 ½ to 2 weeks for the interior and exterior changes to be done and 14 business days to do the print set up with the printers. Ahhhh! Then I will be getting a release date for Barnes and Noble and Amazon and it will be available on Iuniverse first. I am so excited!

This week is about podcasting. Out there tell everyone that the book is available. Market, Market Market. Edit Episode 12 which is almost done and start on Episode 13 which is recorded but not edited. And write the press releases. Scary!

Also this week the book was promoted on J.D. Sawyers Antithesis and Edward G. Tabolt’s New Word Order as well as Emriane Rich’s Horror Addicts. Thank you all for adding my promo. You’re the best! See these authors works in the hot promo section of this site. Very cool stuff.

Keep Writing! I Know I Will!

Rhonda R. Carpenter

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