We have a release date for the audio book!

We have a release date for the audio book!

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Welcome Readers!

I received the quality control approval for the serialized pod cast this week and we have a date! I can hardly type I am so excited. Drum roll, please…

Monday… September 29, 2008

Where you ask? Well, here is how it works for me. We will be going live on http://www.podiobooks.com/title/mark-of-the-druid

Please notice this page is not live until the day of release. Sing up for an account there is no cost involved. At that time you will be able to add this book to your subscriber’s list. It is free! (yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking. We will talk about that in a another post.) And you can snag the promo here!  post it to your website, send it to your email and chat buddies, oh and please, tell a friend!

I am also at present building www.themarkofadruid.com It is an thrilling time. And by thrilling I mean you just don’t know, when a novice at building sites, if you are going to do it right or if it will work 100% of the time until you work out the bugs—so to speak. Prime example, and totally, not my fault—I might add, both my author sight, got insight? blog and the new site went down early this week and I had to completely rebuild, so you will notice a new look.

Sigh, it was a lot of work and is not complete yet. So bear with, stop back often and know the goal is to get the audio version of the book up live on the new book site one week before they go live on podiobooks.com. Starting the week after the initial release. But if you sneak in and nab as I am working on it then you may be able to get a preview on the podcast page of themarkofadruid.com site. We are working on a stie player now. No promises. :)

You will get the first 5 episodes on the first day and then one per week until the book is done. Don’t ask how many episodes because I really don’t know today. It looks like there will be around 30.

This is also the week I am supposed to hear form Iuniverse with the Book block for the print version. Nope still don’t have a date on release yet…

Look for the coming blog about why free!


Keep Writing! I Know I Will!

Rhonda R. Carpenter

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