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Welcome Readers!

The Update… Chapter 4 is still trying to crawl out of the can. But just a few more tweaks and I should be moving on to the next chapter. The plan for this week is to get 4 and 5 completed. I am now looking at possibly releasing the serialized pod casts a couple of weeks for the book release date which we still don’t have. At least not written in wood yet.

Iuniverse is doing their thing on cover design now and I should have something from them in the next few weeks, Sooner I hope. It will be exciting to see what they come up with for a cover. I gave a description of what I thought it might look like in my initial upload. I as a writer may have been a little detailed for the types of covers they do, I guess we will see if they use the detailed description or a cover type I said I liked that is out there. Of course it would not be the same but general I liked the cover It made me see and want to pick the book up and something similar may do well for the cover. Maybe they will do a combination of the two. There is a sense of excitement and fear around what they will come up with. So hold it in the light you guys that it will be perfect.

I am still thrilled we were ahead of schedule with the edits and I am hoping we will have a Oct 31 release. I believe the way it works is that 35 to 45 days after the printing set up is complete it will go live on the net at B&K and Amazon as well as other places.

The new website for The Mark of a Druid is being built for background now but there isn’t much we can do without the cover art being complete. So shift the focus to Pod casting, Clients and start recording, recording, recording.

I want to be sure that I have several episodes in above the allotted 5 for podiobooks.com so that I don’t let anyone down. The process calls for the initial 5 then weekly uploads until the book is complete. The way I see it and I have listened to many of the books on poidiobooks and itunes I don’t want to disappoint the listener. Say I get sick or I have a big conference or god forbid a vacation then who would do those weeks. If I have some in reserve then I can upload them from where ever I am. And everyone gets their fix.

As for the rest of this week. I have clients scheduled and my sister’s wedding gifts went out Saturday. This will be a breeze week! Congrats Kelli and Tim! Kiss the kiddo’s for me.

Okay it is off to record for me.

Keep Writing! I Know I Will!

Rhonda R. Carpenter

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