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An Open Book

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008



As a fledgling author of novels, I’m told I should have a blog. “Okay…” I said a grimes on my face. What do I have to say everyday that anyone would want to read? My brain then ran through every negative comment I let it latch onto. The bottom-line is I don’t have a super exciting life, but I love what I do and I enjoy my writing, family, clients and friends. Just an average gal who loves to write fiction assist in empowering my clients, teach what I know and learn all I can. So maybe I need to blog about writing. I guess we will see!


Rhonda R. Carpenter

Got Insight?

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

All my Dear Friends,


Today is the first posting of GOT INSIGHT the BLOG!


Please join me for inspirational insights and information about expanding our awareness of our consciousness. I will be posting exercises and pod casts of Mediations and Thought Streams at no charge.


I will also be scheduling classes in Psychic Development, Self Esteem building and Relationships just to name a few of the topics.


Feel free to ask questions, make comments and share your inspiring stories.


May we be as One!

Rhonda R. Carpenter


P.S. On a more recreational note keep your eyes on for some exciting announcements about the upcoming Book releases and Pod Casts of the first in a three book series called The Mark of a Druid. A story about a hypnotherapist caught in a devious plan for revenge that drags her kicking and screaming to 10th Century Wales and Ireland. Teasers coming soon!